Waanyi youth

The Company has developed training programs with the primary focus of giving young people the life skills to make appropriate life choices. The Company intends/is in the process to expand its existing training programs to provide a pathway for the ongoing development of Waanyi people. The training programs are being expanded to provide a career pathway aimed at developing Waanyi people for senior positions within the Company.

In developing and delivering training programs the following principles are important:

The culture and environment on both Riversleigh and Lawn Hill stations being conducive to a holistic development experience for individuals.

The importance of outside employment experiences in the development of individuals.

Access to other formal training institutions and providers to complement training provided by the Company.

Structured training is conducted in conjunction with life skills and personal development. Trainees undertake a Certificate II in Agriculture through Outstation North. Training and assessment are delivered both on and off the properties.
Training includes but is not limited to:

  • Day to day horse maintenance e.g.- feeding, riding, awareness of health and welfare.
  • Handle livestock -basic techniques e.g. muster and move livestock.
  • Load/unload livestock.
  • Clear workplace communication- e.g. participate in maintaining a sustainable workplace.

LHRPHC has an incentive program to encourage persistence and excellence in its programs.

Other staff

It is the policy of the company to employ appropriately skilled and qualified people to positions within its operations whilst providing every opportunity for the development of Waanyi people. From time to time it is expected that some senior positions will be held by individuals from outside of the Waanyi group.

The Company makes a commitment to all staff regardless of background to the continued development of the individual by providing access to appropriate training opportunities.


The Board undertakes quarterly training and personal development programs in conjunction with the Aboriginal Development Benefits Trust.