Culture and Environment 



The properties are situated on the traditional lands of the Waanyi people.  The Directors and Management are cognisant of the importance of the Land to its Waanyi stakeholders.  Accordingly policies are in place requiring that due consideration is given to the cultural interests of the Waanyi in all aspects of the Company’s activities including:


Use of land

Development of land

Mining and exploration activities

Opportunities for employment and training

HR policies

Commercial exposures

Community awareness

The Company aspires to ecologically responsible rangeland management, which include the following key elements:

  • sustainable moderate grazing pressure;
  • reduced stocking pressure in drought years;
  • grazing pressure distributed as evenly as possible through the development of more strategically located artificial watering points and fencing;
  • appropriate fire management and awareness plan, consistent with the recommendations of the Rural Fire Service;
  • fencing of ecological and culturally important areas;
  • annual rangelands monitoring programs;
  • management of exotic weeds.

LHRPHC manages the properties to minimise adverse environmental impacts.

Access Arrangements for Local Aboriginal People

LHRPHC provides unlimited access for traditional landowners. Normal courtesies apply whereby it is requested that the Station Manager is notified by visitors to the Station so as station activities are not disrupted and visitor safety can be assured.

The Gulf Communities Agreement required an Access Agreement for local Aboriginal people to enter upon the properties. The Access Agreement is intended to recognise the special and ongoing relationship the local Aboriginal people have with their traditional country. LHRPHC has entered into an Access Agreement to ensure the intent of the Gulf Communities Agreement is carried out. This agreement followed extensive consultation and primarily embraces the traditional needs of the Aboriginal people but also acknowledge the commercial imperatives of LHRPHC and sets guidelines for breach resolution.

Under the present operating regime relationships with the local people have been excellent.