Herd Management

High grade Brahman cattle are currently used to maximise production.

To achieve a good 'brand image' and market competitiveness, a policy of buying only top quality bulls, selected for fertility as well as carcase characteristics, will prevail.

Key aspects of herd management will comprise:

  • Two mustering rounds - first round start in April and second round start in August
  • Improve cattle fertility rates by pregnancy testing all first join heifers and culling non-pregnants, cull-for-age cows rising 10 yo, cull-for-age bulls rising 9 yo
  • Dry cows to be set aside at muster and professionally pregnancy tested with all empties culled
  • Whole herd to be treated for botulism
  • Calves to be yard weaned on hay - minimum weaning age dictated by season
  • Phosphorus mineral supplementary feeding of whole herd during wet season
  • DNA testing targeting tenderness and feed efficiency traits.