Markets and Products

Owing to geographical location, Lawn Hill and Riversleigh are ideally situated to capitalise on a strong live export market. This does not preclude the Company from taking advantage of southern markets. In the marketing of cattle preference is given to the best commercial outcome at the time of sale.

Herd Management



The core focus of the company is the development of the herd as well as business activities.

One of our main goals is to become an industry leader. Especially in developing a large scale herd of cattle with a focus on fertility, weight gain and producing a quality eating experience.


Lawn Hill and Riversleigh stations are best suited to breeding and turning off progeny as soon as they are weaned.

A long term goal for the company is to acquire fattening country.  

Cattle Breed

The environment dictates that high grade Brahman cattle are used. The company may look to develop a composite breed which is better suited to the southern market but retains adaptability to the northern environment.

Animal Welfare

The company has strict policies protecting the welfare of cattle through modern handling and processing techniques. All staff are inducted in these processes to ensure animals are processed in a low stress environment.