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The mine site of Century Mine (MMG Century) is surrounded by Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Pastoral Stations which were acquired by the mining Company in 1996. The acquisition of the holdings excluded the livestock, plant, equipment and chattels. In 1998 the Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) was executed providing Native Title approval for the development of the mine. A key part of the GCA was the transfer of ownership of local stations owned by the Mining Company to the Waanyi people.

LHRPHC was incorporated in December 1998 and the pastoral leases of Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Stations were subsequently transferred by the Mining Company to LHRPHC. Shares in LHRPHC were issued to the Waanyi people representing 49% of the Company. Further transfers of share capital have occurred over ensuing years such that the shares in LHRPHC are now held 51% by the Waanyi people and 49% by MMG Century.

LHRPHC is responsible for the management of the cattle properties that combined cover an area in excess of 1.6 million acres with a potential carrying capacity of 50,000 head of cattle. The properties are situated in the Lower Gulf of Carpentaria in far North West Queensland and the traditional ownership of the land belongs to the Waanyi people.

From the date of acquisition by MMG Century the properties were sub-leased back to the prior owner. Once LHRPHC was incorporated the Company established its own management structure at Riversleigh and began growing its cattle business. A number of sub-lease arrangements were and still are in place on Lawn Hill. In September 2009 LHRPHC installed its own management team at Lawn Hill and Lawn Hill is now the main base for the Company’s activities.

LHRPHC plans to have both properties fully stocked with its own cattle. To date growth has been moderate and well within the Company’s skills set and resources. Given the Company has successfully achieved its previous targets and gained the confidence and respect of its stakeholders it is now progressing with its next phase of growth. The current business plan is to accelerate the growth of the Company’s herd through the acquisition of breeders and generic growth whilst entering into sub-lease arrangements on country surplus to that required for Company owned cattle.

LHRPHC has also established training programs for Indigenous Youth that have received acclaim for the innovative approaches to personal development and understanding of the social issues that plague young people growing up in the Gulf Communities.

Gulf Communities Agreement

The Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) is an agreement under the right to negotiate provisions of the Native Title Act. It is an agreement between local Aboriginal people, MMG Century Mine Limited, and the Queensland Government. The GCA formed the basis for the Native Title approval for the construction and operation of Century Mine. A significant schedule of the GCA sets out how the Waanyi people gain ownership in Lawn Hill and Riversleigh Stations via the interest held in LHRPHC.

The GCA also provides for other matters concerning the Local Aboriginal Communities including:

Environmental management
Employment and training
Business development